Medica Insurance

Treatment with Medica

Medica is a large insurance company that covers patients nationwide. They are a common insurance broker in the upper Midwest and is frequently used by many Nebraskans. Medica helps many people all over America that are looking to get treatment and start over in life. However, each coverage plan may vary as it depends on the agreement between your employer, insurance company, and insurance broker. Regardless, we will help you sort through all the information and find what is right for you. Medica provides two major plans for those living in the state of Nebraska:

Medica Advantage Solution with CHI Health

The Advantage Solution plan covers only a small area in the southeastern region of Nebraska but offers exceptional benefits to keep your healthcare costs low. Likewise, there are little to no premiums when receiving services in the CHI health network. Additionally, please note that substance abuse treatments may not be covered by this plan.

Medica Prime Solution

Prime Solution features a much larger coverage map, as well as a more expansive network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals. This gives patients a much wider selection of care providers based on their own individual needs. However, not all patients will find that the Prime Solution plan covers all of their needs the best. Also, substance abuse treatment may be covered under the plan’s coverage.

Drug and alcohol addiction is an intense process that requires the patient’s full-time attention and commitment. Therefore, we are here to help you sort through all the insurance information and find what you need to know. Most importantly, we will work with you and your insurance coverage to find what treatment plans are available to you. Getting you sober is what we are about, so let us help you at 402-268-9960

Navigating Insurance Websites

With so much insurance information to sort through, the whole process can seem like too much for many people. Even if your insurance will not cover your addiction treatment, there are still several options for financing. For example, Medicare and Medicaid are accepted in most major cities by rehab facilities. However, addiction treatment services can be covered under Medicare and Medicaid for reasonable and necessary circumstances, even though there is no specific substance abuse category for Medicare. Clients will have the option of inpatient or outpatient care. Your unique circumstances will determine whether your treatment will be covered under Medicare or Medicaid.

Getting More Information

Sometimes patients find a specific facility that they would like to participate in. We can help you find the right information to get you connected to the help you need. With this in mind, insurance companies like Medica have mental health sections of their websites. Within them are all the substance abuse treatment options that they can cover. On the other hand, people have certain needs that can only be met by certain facilities. Some rehab centers provide different services or activities that people look for in treatment. Get more information from Medica on their website as to what treatment you can possibly get, and how. Lastly, many facilities in Nebraska offer payment plans for those with limited finances. There is no value too high when trying to get your life back on track, so don’t let finances or insurance stop you from getting the jumpstart in your life that you need.

When looking through insurance websites to figure out all the complex info, don’t forget that we are here to help you. So call us at 402-268-9960 and discuss what steps you can take to getting your life back.

How We Can Help You

Finding out how to finance your rehab treatment can seem like a daunting task. For instance, high prices and complicated paperwork make it seem like getting help is so far away. Medica is one of the major insurance companies that we can work with to help find you the best care. Money troubles do not have to get in the way of your treatment, since so many treatment plans are covered under insurance.

Insurance does not have the final say in whether you get treated or not. Therefore, if your treatment is not covered by your insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are alternatives for those wanting to still get care. Most importantly, there are payment plans for those who cannot rely on any other form of payment.

Regardless of your problems with insurance companies or limited finances, we will help you find whatever you can do to get sober. Additionally, we want to make sure that you get the best possible care at the most ideal price. To conclude, give us a call today to discuss your insurance and how to pay for your sobriety at 402-268-9960.