Drugged and Drunk Driving

Nebraska’s Drugged and Drunk Driving Problem

While drunk driving has always been a concern in Nebraska, traffic deaths from driving under the influence used to be much lower in the 1970s. Since then, the percentage of alcohol-related car crash deaths has risen dramatically. In 2019, 39% of all fatalities in the state of Nebraska involved someone under the influence of alcohol. In order to make our state safer, it’s crucial that those with alcohol or drug addictions seek help immediately.

It’s not just alcohol that poses a threat to drivers on the highway. In 2014, 10% of all fatal car crashes in Nebraska involved driving under the influence of drugs. Therefore, it’s important to note that driving with drugs in your system still threatens the safety of you and other drivers. Between 2011 and 2014, drug test results of drivers in fatal crashes were as follows:

  • 50% tested positive for marijuana
  • 22% tested positive for meth
  • 16% tested positive for other drugs

Clearly, members of our community are being affected by the tight grip of drug and alcohol addiction. Help be a part of the solution by reading more about addiction on our Drug Rehab page. We want to do our part and help others find the tools to turn their lives around, so call us today at 402-268-9960 and start over again.

The History of Influenced Driving in Nebraska

Car crashes of those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have stayed relatively stable since the 1970s. To clarify, it’s not just about keeping drunk driving arrests down. Additionally, it’s also important to prevent the drivers on Nebraska’s roads from worrying about making it home to their families. Usually, people are more likely to do something like drive drunk if they see others participating in similar behavior. This is how drunk driving has become so commonplace in our country.

This problem hasn’t completely vanished over the years either. In 2017, the total cost of all traffic accidents in the state totaled over $155 million. A large number of resources and capital go into fixing this problem. Clearly, something needed to be done.

The state government organized an effective response to the rising number of alcohol-related traffic deaths. In April 2017, the Impaired Driving Task Force was put together. Its purpose is to come up with solutions for reducing alcohol and drunk related traffic fatalities.

We need to do our part to make sure that those putting themselves in harm’s way get the help that they want. You can do your part to help the state of Nebraska by connecting us to those who need help.

The Impact of Inebriated Driving

Individuals that engage in drugged or drunk driving are often frequent users. Understanding that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol needs to happen before you see a positive change in life. If you are one of these people and believe that you may have an addiction, then reaching out to talk to an addiction professional should be one of your first steps. Meanwhile, it is also important to know a little about your addiction, and where to find solutions:

The Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Since alcohol is a legal and common substance in society, many people feel like driving buzzed is okay. While it may seem innocent, even driving with a tiny amount of alcohol in your bloodstream could get you a ticket or arrested. Furthermore, the potential of harming another person while inebriated behind the wheel is immense. Consequently, seeking help for your addiction before something bad happens is the best perspective for all addicts. Here are a few examples of the effects that different alcohol levels in your blood have on your body:

  • 0.02% – relaxation, loss of judgment, and decline in visual functions
  • 0.05% – difficulty steering, reduced coordination, and lowered alertness
  • 0.08% – impaired judgment and short-term memory loss
  • 0.10% – slurred speech and clear deterioration of reaction time
  • 0.15% – loss of balance, muscle control, and sensory processing

Driving drunk is dangerous, and so is alcohol addiction, but there are treatment options for those who have an addiction to drinking. For many, their alcohol addiction is what turned into a drunk driving problems as well drunk driving may be a side effect of the root problem, so reach out to us today if you think you have an addiction to alcohol.

The Dangers of Driving High

While drunk driving gets the public’s attention in PSAs and advertisement campaigns, drugged driving is an activity just as dangerous. Between 2011 and 2014, half of the drivers involved in fatal car accidents tested positive for marijuana. Many drivers tested positive for other drugs as well, so driving while high is an unfortunately common occurrence in Nebraska. Driving while high still impairs your senses and can radically change reaction times. While it may get less attention in the media, driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous, and those who may be addicted to any substance should call and get help right away.

Whether you have been arrested for driving impaired or know someone who does, we can help you find treatment. The problem may be that you are dependent on a particular substance in order to function. If you think that you fit into any of these categories, then know that there are ways of improving your life by calling the number at the bottom and top of this page. Medical and addiction experts will oversee your withdrawal from your addiction safely and make sure that you have the tools to stay clean and sober for life.

Seeking Help for Drugged and Drunk Driving

The battle against drugged and drunk driving has been going on for a very long time. Despite this, progress has been made recently by the state of Nebraska. Instances of DWI arrests have decreased in recent years. This is due to the efforts like the Nebraska Impaired Driving Task Force and their Impaired Driving Strategic Plan. However, the fight to make our loved ones safe on the roadways is not over.

With increased instances of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities, the fight to end drunk driving has to be won with alcohol addiction in mind. In particular, Nebraskans addicted to alcohol or drugs need to know that rehab centers are out there in the state. These professionals are waiting to treat anyone that they can. These centers offer inpatient and outpatient care throughout the state of Nebraska, so you don’t have to go far in order to get your life back on track.

There are many options out there to get rehabilitated, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with sobriety. To help put an end to drunk and drugged driving in Nebraska, call us today at 402-268-9960 to get in touch with the right treatment for you or a loved one.