60-day Treatment Program

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Generally, a longer stay in a rehab center means the patient has more tools to be successful in a post-rehab life. However, a 90-day or longer stay in a facility is not an option for those with other life commitments. Thankfully, there are even 60-day treatment programs that are a soothing middle ground between a short and long experience. Rehab programs that are weeks or months long usually focus on detox and treatment. Thus, being able to spend more time focusing on the transition to life being sober is an advantage for many.

Usually, patients with more serious addictions will require longer stays at the center for medical or preferential reasons. Conversely, other addiction sufferers with less mild addictions may not have a need for a long 90-day program. Different types of 60-day treatment plans still depending on your needs. For example, inpatient treatment for those wanting a live-in environment, and outpatient facilities for those who cannot spend entire days at one location. Nevertheless, both types of 60-day treatment programs will provide high-quality care that helps you accomplish what you need to. Likewise, both programs still require commitment from the patient.

Addiction treatment specialists are here and readily available to help you figure out what type of 60-day program is right for you. With a balance between short term treatment techniques and long term ones, a 60-day rehab stay provides a mix of benefits from both programs. To conclude, use this balanced program to get your life on track. Call 402-267-9960 to learn more about 60-day rehab programs today.

Why a 60-day Treatment Program is Right For You

If you are suffering from addiction and require long term treatment, then 60-day treatment plans are the shortest programs that are still considered long term care. For instance, one key service of longer rehab plans is the education patients receive about how to prevent relapses. In addition to this, more time towards the end of the process is focused on smoothing your transition to a life without substance abuse. Many times, this extra transitionary period is a huge benefit in the long term success of many former addicts. Those with moderate level addictions will see the best results with a 60-day course. However, a knowledgeable expert helps you find out what type of program best fits you and your situation.

60-day treatments are less likely to be covered by insurance than shorter programs. On the other hand, rehab centers also provide payment assistance, depending on the facility. Certainly, no one should have to let finances get in the way of their self-care. Programs longer than 60-days are or those with more serious addictions. If so, you can read more about 90-day programs in your area of Nebraska.

Choosing a 60-day Treatment Program

As stated above, there are two major types of rehab treatment, depending on your situation. It’s important that every client understands the different options available to them, and what those options consist of. Here is a summary of what you can expect:

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Patients undergoing inpatient treatment have access to caring staff throughout their entire stay. You receive a full round of support service during your time in the rehab center, such as:

  • Detoxification to help cleanse your body of substances
  • Rehabilitation to help you understand your addiction
  • Individual therapy with professional staff
  • Group therapy with other patients in similar situations
  • Transition to a substance-free way of life
  • Education about staying clean after your stay in rehab

Making the commitment to get sober is a big step in anyone’s life. As a result, people living with addiction should strive to get the most intensive care that their level of addiction demands. To sum up, inpatient care delivers an excellent amount of care at a reasonable length of time.

Outpatient Intensive Day Treatment

Many clients, due to work, family obligations, or personal preference, cannot live at a facility for a 60-day period, even though they may need that extended period of care. Thus, an option exists for patients with even these specific needs and circumstances. Specifically, this plan offers two to four hours of addiction treatment every three days, and patients can return to home or work as soon as their daily intensive care has finished. However, those with more severe addictions should note that outpatient care doesn’t protect you from the temptation to reuse outside of treatment. Outpatient care might be best for your situation, but other programs may be more effective. Certain services like detox are only offered through inpatient live-in programs. However, outpatient programs still offer many of the same services and even some services only offered in outpatient care. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family behavior therapy
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Relevant medical treatments
  • Less intensive counseling after outpatient treatment ends

Talk to a professional today to see what type of care addresses your needs. Regardless of what approach you use in a 60-day program, the focus is always on the addiction and how to handle it. 60-day programs have many similarities to 30-day programs, however, there is more time to make the entire process easier for you.

What to Consider

There are many fantastic rehab centers out there helping fight back against drug and alcohol addiction throughout Nebraska. We put your best interests at the front when looking around for rehab centers. Here are some of the things we prioritize in the 60-day treatment centers we help you find:

  • Evidence-based treatment options that have a track record of helping addicts get and stay clean
  • Credentialed medical staff on hand for any addiction questions or health risks during the rehabilitation process
  • Full aftercare and support services for former addicts trying to keep their life sober once they depart the facility

How to Get Help

Now that you know a little bit about 60-day treatment programs, you may have an idea of what type of service you need. Certainly, even if you aren’t sure where to start, a trained professional will be able to help you select which type of treatment and what length of care is right for you. However, if you think a shorter or longer stay is more right for you, read about 30-day treatment programs and 90-day treatment programs today. For patients at 60-day treatment centers, more aftercare service is available and is typically set up with the help of the rehab center itself. For instance, these can range from sober living facilities and follow-up counseling to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

Above all, from your first day to your last day in treatment and beyond, all possible tools to help you get sober will be there for you, as well as staff determined to serve you best. Your first step in finding the best care is by reaching out with a phone call. Therefore, make a call to us today at 402-267-9960 to chat about your sobriety goals. Together we can find a solution that allows you to live a happy life, free from the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction.